The Dr. James Naismith Basketball Foundation

A non-profit, incorporated charitable organization, the Naismith Foundation was established in 1989 to erect and operate a suitable memorial to honour the founder of basketball at his birthplace Almonte, Ontario.

Support has been received from all levels of government, from the provincial, national and international basketball community, and from organizations such as the YM/YWCA and the Canadian Wheelchair Sports Association. It is the enthusiasm, support and hard work of members, however, that has led to the Foundation's substantial accomplishments.

The Naismith Foundation operates the Naismith Museum which is housed at the Mill of Kintail Conservation area.  The Naismith Museum shares the space with the R. Tait McKenzie Memorial Museum, which pays tribute to the life and times of Dr. McKenzie. The two men were known as the Brothers of the Wind. James Naismith and Robert Tait McKenzie; lifelong friends and colleagues, these two natives of Ramsay Township in Mississippi Mills made their mark at an international level.

Naismith Foundation Mission Statement

To increase awareness of Canadian Dr. James Naismith, inventor of the game of basketball – his values and legacies in sport, theology and medicine.

Naismith Foundation Milestones

The Foundation incorporated -- 1989.
The Right Hon. Roland Michener, PC. QC. Former Governor General of Canada, becomes Patron.
"Coach" Jack Donohue, former Canadian National Team Coach accepts Honourary Presidency.
FIBA, COPABA and Basketball Canada provide assistance with substantial seed funding.
Governments of Canada and Province of Ontario grant over $60,000 for a professional study to finalize concept and strategy.
Dr. James Naismith designated by the Government of Canada as a person of National Historic Significance.
Government of Canada issues Naismith Centenary Stamp in 1991.
Agreement with YM/YWCA to develop a Naismith Leadership Centre.
Baton Broadcasting with Leaps & Bounds Productions produce docudrama "The Father of Basketball" in 1995.
Frank Cosentino authors "Almonte's Brothers of the Wind" celebrating the life and times of James Naismith and R. Tait MacKenzie.

Royal Canadian Mint launches commemorative 50 cent sterling silver coin in 1999 to celebrate basketballs' Canadian roots.

Installation of Dr. James Naismith Bronzed Sculpture in Almonte, ON (now Mississippi Mills); July 23, 2011.

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The Dr. James Naismith Basketball Foundation
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