Naismith 3 on 3 Basketball Festival




Almonte, ON

Saturday August 10th, 2013

  2013 Registration Now Open!

Fun is what you should expect and that is what you will experience in this unique 3-ON-3 basketball festival. From 1992 to 2011 almost one hundred teams participated annually in twenty divisions on the streets of Almonte, making this the largest 3-ON-3 tournament in Eastern Ontario.

On August 10th, 2013 elementary and high school teams and men's and ladies' teams with varying levels of experience, will enjoy the warm, welcoming ambiance of "The Friendly Town". Between games participants and spectators are encouraged to visit our parks and scenic areas, along with Almonte's many original shops. Please visit or for more information.

All teams play at least three games with five to seven required to win a division. Games are played "rain or shine".

In the event of severely inclement weather some games may be rescheduled indoors or played on Sunday.

The festival is organized by the Naismith Minor Basketball Association and is sanctioned by provincial and national basketball governing bodies. With the closing of streets, the Town of Mississippi Mills continues ongoing support for the event since its inception.

Visit Almonte, walk the streets, enjoy a healthy family outing and of course, call again!

For more tournament information, please contact


($80 – U19, $120 – 19+)
U10M: Mixed (Born in 2004 or after)
U12B: Boys  (Born in 2002 or after)
U12G: Girls (Born in 2002 or after)
U14B: Boys  (Born in 2000 or after)
U14G: Girls (Born in 2000 or after)  
U16B: Boys  (Born in 1998 or after) 
U16G: Girls (Born in 1998 or after) 
U19B: Boys  (Born in 1995 or after)  
U19G: Girls (Born in 1995 or after)   
WO19+: Women's Open 19+ (Born in 1994 and before)  
MO19+: Men's Open 19+  (Born in 1994 and before)   
MC19+: Top Gun Men - Competitive 19+ (Born in 1994 and before) 
WC19+: Top Gun Women - Competitive 19+ (Born in 1994 and before)  
M35+: Men's 35+ (Born in 1974 and before)

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Volunteers - Get Involved!!!

All Volunteers receive:

  • Orientation
  • A special Naismith 3 on 3 festival t-shirt
  • Free BBQ lunch
  • Opportunity to have fun while doing something great for the community!


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Naismith 3 ON 3 Rules and Regulations

Download full game rules here
Entry Fee ($80 - U19; $120 - 19+) must be paid online.
Each team will consist of three players plus one substitute (optional)
Each team will enter play in an age grouping with every effort made by the organizers to match teams of equal ability and experience.
Each team is guaranteed at least three (3) games with five (5) to seven (7) games normally required to win a division.
Games are played to 31 points, except in U14 and younger divisions where games go to 21. Scoring is by two (2) point baskets with three (3) point shot in effect and 1 point for foul shots.
Each team must select a team captain. The team must check in at an assigned court with the COURT MONITOR in advance of the game time or as soon as the assigned court is available, whichever occurs first.
Team captains only will pick up registration packages at the central registration are between 7:45 and 8:30 am on the day of the event.
Note: Registration packages will include schedules and maps. Captains should take care as valuable handouts and coupons may also be included.
All players must be at least eight (8) years of age, or older. (Coordinated to meet ages of grade 4)
Parent or guardian signatures are required for all players 18 years of age or younger.
Organizers will verify registration details. Any individual or team submitting false information will be disqualified with no refund of registration fee.
All players should have personal identification, which should include proof of age.
This is a "rain or shine" event. Should severely inclement weather arise that might constitute a threat to the health of players, the organizers reserve the right to activate any or all of the following: (a) shorten the length of the games; (b) relocate to indoor courts (c) reschedule to Sunday (rain date)
Refunds will be on a pro-rated basis and will not be made but calculated based on actual games, etc.
The organizers will provide safe and secure facilities and venues of play. It is the responsibility of participants to follow all rules of the game and directions as presented.
It is recognized that accidental injury may occur in the normal play of the game. By signing the attached application the player absolves organizers, promoters and sponsors from any responsibility for such occurrences.
The players' signature is also verification that he or she is physically fit and able to participate in the games.
Should any division become full or there are not enough teams to compete, organizers reserve the right to reimburse registration fees. A minimum of 4 teams is required for a division, however organizers will do everything they can so that teams may still compete.
Players may register with one team only.
Please direct questions by e-mail to
Deadline for entries is August 3rd, 2013

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